9 LED Motherboard Power Connectors 5V 3-pin ARGB Cable Connector Adapter Aura Sync PC Mounting Accessories for ASUS MSI Gigabyte


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9 LED Cable Adapter 5V 3 Pin Aura Sync Motherboard Power Supplies Connectors ATX 24 Pin to 90 Degree PC Mounting Accessories for ASUS MSI Gigabyte
1. 90 degree right angle design. Connect the PSU 24 Pin Cable to the motherboard interface, which will not cause pressure on the motherboard interface, and will be used stably for a long time. This design will solve the power installation problem of the limited height chassis. You can use this adapter to install the 24 pin power cord from vertical to horizontal. 90 degree horizontal outlet is available, which can optimize the wiring inside the chassis and has no hindrance to the air duct. The ATX 24Pin 90 ° adapter connects the main power cord to the motherboard at a 90 ° angle, so as to eliminate the tangled wiring in front of the motherboard tray and not block the air duct.
2. 9 X ARGB LED beads+IC controller chips. The 9 X LED high brightness bulbs on the PBC board are combined with the IC control chip to bid farewell to the cheap light strip and IC free chip combination on the market. The adapter is inserted into the 24PIN slot without connecting to the ARGB interface, and the rainbow effect is automatic. The advanced ARGB lighting system, ARGB rainbow color, emits charming luster and does not make your eyes tired.
3. ARGB synchronization mode. Support the synchronous color change of the main board ARGB, and support the addressable 5V 3-pin ARGB Aura Sync of the main boards such as for ASUS, for MSI, for Gigabyte, and for ASRock. The ARGB lighting effect and the main board synchronization function provide personalized PC modification style and fun.
4. It is firm and reliable. The brand FR4 glass fiber circuit board, 2oz thickened copper, multi-layer board design, solid contact pin are used to better ensure strong power and lossless transmission; Multilayer circuit board link joint is a pure manual welding process, the shell is integrally formed, and the top is covered with a lamp board integrally.
5. Wide compatibility. ATX 24 pin 90 ° adapter is compatible with all standard 24 pin motherboards and power supplies connected to the main power supply, and is suitable for highly restricted or compact PC chassis, etc; Plug and play for easy installation. Easy installation to motherboard and power supply.Specification:
Origin: Mainland China
Type: Cable Adapter
Model Number: Cable Connector
Style: Textured pattern
Color: Black, white (optional)
Material: ABS
Operating voltage: 5V/12V
Purpose: Used for desktop power supply, DIY beautification routing, and line management converter
Applicable: For highly restricted or compact PC chassis
Features: Support for ASUS, for MSI, for Gigabyte, for ASRock and other motherboards addressable 5V 3-pin ARGB Aura Sync
Size: 65×37.5x23mm/2.56×1.48×0.91in
Gross weight: about 28g

Due to the different monitor and light effect, the actual color of the item might be slightly different from the color showed on the pictures. Thank you!
Please allow 1-2cm measuring deviation due to manual measurement.

1 X Adapter with Cable

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Cable Connector


Cable Adapter

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