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Housekeeping Jobs in Canada with Visa Sponsorships 2024 [APPLY HERE]

Finding housekeeping work in Canada is easy if you follow the right steps. On this page, I will give you all the necessary information on how you can get a housekeeping Job in Canada with a free Visa sponsorship.

The truth is, getting a housekeeping Jobs in Canada will require a lot of hardworking and thorough research.  This post is going to expose you to a lot of important information you need to know about getting a housekeeping Jobs in Canada.


Kindly note that, you have to read this content from the beginning to the end for you to understand how housekeeping Jobs in the Canada work. You won’t find your way around the application portal if you skip this content. All information you need about housekeeping Jobs in Canada with Visa Sponsorship 2024 is presented in this post.

Job Locations and Salaries

Housekeeping jobs are available across Canada, with many opportunities in the hospitality industry, including hotels, motels, and resorts. The table below provides a list of job locations and salary ranges for housekeeping jobs in Canada:

Toronto, Ontario $34,000 – $42,000 APPLY NOW
Vancouver, BC $36,000 – $44,000 APPLY NOW
Montreal, Quebec $32,000 – $50,000 APPLY NOW
Calgary, Alberta $35,000 – $53,000 APPLY NOW
Manitoba $33,000 – $51,000 APPLY NOW

The salaries listed above are approximate and may vary depending on the employer, location, and experience level.

However, before we move to the main topic let’s discuss about the duties of a person working as a housekeeper in Canada.

Duties of a person working as Housekeeper in the Canada

Depending on the type of employment, the requirements of the employer, and the size of the household, a housekeeper’s duties may vary in Canada. Nonetheless, a housekeeper’s typical tasks in Canada include the following:

  1. Cleaning: Upkeep of the household’s cleanliness is the major duty of a housekeeper. This entails cleaning the kitchen and bathrooms as well as sweeping, mopping, vacuuming, and dusting.
  2. A housekeeper may be in charge of doing the laundry, which includes washing, drying, ironing, and folding garments and linens. They might also be in charge of keeping closets clean and organized.
  3. Meal Preparation: A housekeeper may occasionally be in charge of meal preparation. The preparation of family meals, menu planning, and grocery buying all fall under this category.
  4. Organizing: A housekeeper may be in charge of keeping the home organized and clean. Organizing wardrobes, cabinets, and other storage spaces may fall under this category.
  5. Do errands: A housekeeper may be in charge of carrying out tasks like grocery shopping, picking up dry cleaning, and mailing goods.
  6. Childcare: In some circumstances, a housekeeper may be in charge of keeping an eye on kids and assisting with their upkeep, including bathing, clothing, and feeding them.
  7. Pet care: If there are animals in the home, the housekeeper may be in charge of feeding, cleaning up.

It is crucial to remember that a housekeeper’s responsibilities might change significantly based on the needs of the employer and the size of the household. While some housekeepers may also be in charge of extra duties like gardening or maintenance, others might only be in charge of cleaning and organizing.

Types of Canada Visa to Apply for to Get a Sponsorship housekeeping Job

Program for the Employment of Temporary Foreign Workers: When competent Canadian citizens or permanent residents are not available, this program enables Canadian firms to hire foreign employees for particular jobs.

You require a work permit, a legitimate job offer from a Canadian company, and the approval of Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDCLabour )’s Market Impact Assessment (LMIA).

International Mobility Program: This program is intended to make it easier for international workers who are exempt from the LMIA requirement to enter the country.

Many topics are included in this program, such as intra-company transfers, NAFTA professionals, and Canada’s international experience. To qualify, you must have a work permit and a legitimate employment offer.

Working Holiday Visa: The Working Holiday Visa is designed for young people who want to travel to Canada and work to support themselves while they are there. This program is available to citizens of certain countries, and the eligibility requirements vary depending on your country of citizenship.

Provinces and territories in Canada are able to recommend foreign employees for permanent residency based on their qualifications and experience under the Provincial Nominee Program.

Where to Find housekeeping Jobs in the Canada with Visa Sponsorship

There are various options for finding housekeeping work in the Canadas with visa sponsorship:

  • Internet job boards: housekeeping jobs with visa sponsorship can be found on job sites such as Indeed, Glassdoor, and LinkedIn. You can also create job alerts to get notified when new jobs are posted.
  • Websites of housekeeping companies in the Canadas can be checked for employment openings and visa sponsorship options.
  • Networking: You can network with industry professionals by attending job fairs and industry events, as well as connecting with possible employers on social media platforms such as LinkedIn.
  • Immigration lawyers: You can speak with an immigration lawyer who may be able to connect you with employers ready to sponsor visas for housekeeping work.

It is vital to understand that finding housekeeping jobs with visa sponsorship can be a difficult and time-consuming procedure. To maximize your chances of getting a job offer and visa sponsorship, you should have a quality résumé, cover letter, and relevant work experience.

How to Apply for housekeeping Jobs in the Canada with a Sponsored Visa

Do you know how to apply for housekeeping jobs in Canada? The following are the measures to take in order to apply for jobs in the Canada with visa sponsorship:

  1. The initial step is to look for available housekeeping jobs online using social media platforms or websites.
  2. After you find a position that interests you, simply follow up with a Canada-standard application and a well-structured CV.
  3. If your employer believes you are qualified for the post of housekeeping worker, they will submit a sponsorship petition to Canada’s Citizenship and Immigration Service.
  4. As a result, your Canadian employer will send you a job offer letter. This is what you will use to apply for the appropriate visa type.

Website to find housekeeping Jobs in the Canada with a Sponsored Visa

To find a housekeeping Jobs quickly, check out the website listed below;

Wrapping Up housekeeping Jobs in Canada with Visa Sponsorship 2024

You have to be aware that finding housekeeping work in Canada is not going to be easy, you have to keep on trying by checking the online Jobs website listed above. You can’t just expect to find a job in Canada easily without extra effort as an adage says “Good things never come easily“. I wish you the best!!!!

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